Dry Dock Vanilla Porter

ddvp-smDry Dock Brewing’s Vanilla Porter is better than drinking a perfect blend of vanilla and chocolate/coffee ice-cream. It boasts a true-vanilla taste like I’ve never had before in a beer, but the acidic aftertaste wipes away nearly all traces of the sweet vanilla leaving you with nothing more than the kind remnants of a very good dream.

In appearance it’s a deep mahogany with a carmel colored head. The first mouthful is smooth and creamy, but in taste alone. In reality it has a watery consistency and not the syrupy feel you’d expect. It coats the tongue thinly but energetically. Very easy going down.

It smells just how you expect it would- like that happy memory of a first date with that high school crush, pleasant, inviting, and fun. Aside from the dominate vanilla smell, it holds hints of hazelnut or almond, cream, carmel, and coffee.

It’s an interesting and multi-purposed beer that ended up really complementing my apple pie while I carved pumpkins.  4.1/5