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3 Hour Home Brew – 5 Gallon Recipe

On Thanksgiving 2013, Beermasters set out to create an Oatmeal Stout without missing dinner. Here are a few photos from our outdoor brewing adventure. If you would like more information or have questions on how you can do this at home, please let us know.

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Store at 68 degrees in the dark. Bubbling starts within 24 hours. Wait for 3 weeks and then bottle.

Stay tuned for full recipe and bottling images!

4 Comments on 3 Hour Home Brew – 5 Gallon Recipe

  1. Everything went well while brewing this recipe. We hit all of our target temperatures, addition timing, wort volume, and starting gravity (5.5 gal @ 1.060). We used the most basic equipment (kettle, heat exchanger, fermentor) and were completely finished in 2.5 hours. Fermentation started slowly the next day, but that is because we did not warm the yeast up before pitching. Had we done that, I believe that the fermentation would have started just after a few hours. I normally remove the yeast from the cooler as a first step…They need time to wake up before getting to work!


  2. Wow! That sounds like it will be a great beer once it is done fermenting.
    Good luck!
    Cheers Eh!


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